Habitat: throughout the Caribbean
Status: Not Listed

This is the Gaudy Clown Crab (Platypodiella spectabilis). It’s one of the most fashionable crustaceans in the ocean, in my opinion. Now, in its name it’s referred to as ‘gaudy’… I think that’s a bit harsh, since this crab only grows to about an inch in length. I mean, when you’re that small, I think you can handle a little bit of flair. Otherwise, how will you be noticed at all – or in this case, recognized as being a nasty idea for lunch? I approve of the overwhelming pizazz.

gaudy clown crab, Platypodiella spectabilis (4)

photo: Jonathan Vera Caripe via Flickr

Divers have to have sharp eyes to spot this tiny little guy as they tend to hide out within small coral & sponge crevices. The only advantage offered by the crab is that it’s active during the day, foraging on whatever Gaudy Clown Crabs like to eat.

Really, the information I could find on these crabs is slim to none – which makes me very crabby.