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Habitat: Australia
Near Threatened

This flying cutie is a Greater Glider. It’s not really related to the rest of the glider family though – it’s actually closer to the Lemur-like Ringtail Possum. It gets to be around 17 inches long with a thick bushy tail that adds an extra 17-21 inches! Each side of the creature’s body has a membrane that stretches from its elbows to its ankles that allows it to glide. This is different from other marsupial gliders, like the Sugar Glider, which has membranes that extend from the wrists to the ankles.

The gliding behavior of the Greater Glider is pretty unique. It’s the only “flying” marsupial that folds its forelimbs so that its wrists are tucked under its chin, giving the membrane a triangular shape when outstretched. The creature is always out and about, gliding from tree to tree and using its tail to steer.

The Greater Glider avoids traveling by land at all costs. It’s slow and clumsy on the ground, very vulnerable to predators.

Hey if you had the ability to fly wouldn’t you do so over walking any day? God, I know I would. Where can I sign up for a flying membrane?!