© A. Moussalli/D.Stuart-Fox
via:  pr-tropic.com
via: wohnzimmerjungel.ch
 Habitat: South Africa
Status: Least Concern

This super cool chameleon is called the Transvaal Dwarf Chameleon (Bradypodion transvaalens) and the photos you see above are all of males displaying their bright coloration to either 1. attract a mate or 2. intimidate other males. I really like the patterns on these guys; they almost remind me of little tigers!

The babies, however, don’t match their adult forms initially. They’re only about the size of a penny when little (as shown below) and are a dull brown to blend in with their surroundings. Even once full grown, these guys don’t get very big – attaining a maximum size that’s shown in the 2nd to last photo above. Guess that’s where the ‘dwarf’ part of their name comes in!