When Etsy artist Johana was 7 years old she learned how to use a sewing machine. From that point onward, she’s always had a love for crafts – especially felting! Her shop on Etsy, Felting Dreams, is filled with incredible little treasures – ranging from felted animals to dolls and ornaments. She has graciously decided to donate four of her wonderful creations to us! You absolutely MUST check it out. Great stocking stuffers!

There will be 4 winners chosen this time. I will randomly select one of the animals (out of a beaver, penguin, cat, and teddy bear) and ship it out to you; sorry, no choosing this time. It would be too difficult to get everyone what they wanted. Take my word for it though, you won’t be disappointed with any of these cuties!

To enter, please choose ONE article on The Featured Creature that you love to share with your friends – either submit it to stumbleupon, share it on facebook, tweet it, whatever. Just post in the comments which article you decided to share and via what method. If you use facebook, tag The Featured Creature (same thing with twitter, @ftcreature). If you use stumbleupon, please provide your username so I can make sure that you did indeed do what you said. Just to be safe! 🙂

That’s it! The contest will end on Wednesday, December 7. Thanks everyone and an extra big thanks to Johana for the great animals!