false killer whaleimage credit: DixieDolphin

false killer whaleimage credit: irene sexy

false killer whaleimage credit: picasaweb.google.com

false killer whaleimage credit: CC Chapman
Habitat: temperate and tropical waters throughout the world
Status: Not evaluated

So you know how I was saying the other day how I’d do not that much anything if it meant I could have a relationship with a Killer Whale like in Free Willy? Oh well I totally meant it. But what about for a False Killer Whale…Hmmmm…..

As its name implies, the False Killer Whale shares some characteristics with the Orca (killer whale). Like the orca, the False Killer Whale hunts and eats other cetaceans but actually that’s where their similarities end.

If you want to spot a False Killer Whale in the wild, look for a creature of about 20 feet in length with a long, slender body that ends in an elongated tapered head. The body is black with a gray throat and neck.

So I don’t know, I suppose being best friends with a False Killer Whale would be nice (I could try falling into its tank at the Seaworld in Orlando, Fl but I don’t know how well that would go) but I’d still prefer to have a special relationship with a Killer Whale.

Why go for second best right?