Etruscan Shrewimage credit: minipixel
Etruscan Shrewimage credit: minipixel
Etruscan Shrewimage credit: ryu.earthwatchblogs.orgetruscan shrew

image credit: Red Orbit
Habitat: Eurasia
Status: Least Concern

Etruscan Shrew
Reader Michael Lisieski suggested to me about a week ago a couple of cool animals to write about, including the Etruscan Shrew which is an adorable little creature. Also known as the white-toothed pygmy shrew, it is the smallest known mammal by mass weighing in at 1.8 grams on average (that’s less than a dime!!) and has a body length of 4 cm excluding the tail.

It has an incredibly fast metabolism and must eat about 2 times its body weight every day. I feel like I do that and it’s not that special though… curse you In-N-Out!

Its heart beat is also crazy fast – it beats about 25 times per second! Does that blow your mind or what.. just think about it for a second.

Thanks again Michael for sending in this fascinating animal!

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