dusky leaf monkeyimage credit: knips2oo7(Rainer)

dusky leaf monkeyimage credit: Marjolein K.

dusky leaf monkeyimage credit: sypix

dusky leaf monkeyimage credit: A.J. Haverkamp

dusky leaf monkeyimage credit: jpgmag.com, Adam Morley

dusky leaf monkey babyimage credit: eyefetch.com

dusky leaf monkey babyimage credit: kidszoo.org
found primarily on the Malay Peninsula, including southern Burma and parts of Thailand.
Status: Near Threatened

These monkeys with the adorable faces are Dusky Leaf Monkeys. There are several subspecies, but all of them are very similar looking. They’re also known as Spectacled Langurs because of the whites around their eyes.

Babies are bright orange or yellow but then turn greyish within 6 months of birth. They will hang out with their mothers (who provide the majority of parental care) in the canopies of their forest homes. The Dusky Leaf Monkey is arboreal and prefers living at heights of 35 meters or higher in the trees. Guess they’re not afraid of heights!

Is it just me or do these monkeys look very human? I mean, I know we’re closely related but that picture of them hugging is just too much.