Draco volansimage credit: Reddit user Biophilia_curiosus

draco volansimage credit: Reddit user Biophilia_curiosus
Habitat: Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines

So apparently I have a subconscious “flying creature” fixation today since everything that appeals to me as a post topic either flies or glides. Go figure.

Continuing the streak is the real life Toruk, also known as the Flying Dragon (Draco volans), a flying lizard that measures 8 inches from head to tail tip. If you look in the 2nd photo you’ll notice what look like veins running through the wings. These are actually its ribs! The lizard is able to expand & contract its chest in order to use its wings (or not). These flying lizards are able to glide up to 55 yards!

James Cameron did say that the creatures in Avatar came from real-life inspiration so this has GOT to be it!

avatar dragon, torukimage credit: h-ell.deviantart.com

based on the original article from treehugger