salmon sharkimage credit: Kim Miller, via Flickr

salmon sharkimage credit:
Habitat: north Pacific Ocean

This Salmon Shark scares the hell out of me. Not because it’s the cousin to Jaws (great white shark), or because it’s one of only a few species of fish that can regulate it’s body temperature – making it the warmest blooded shark alive. Warm blood means faster muscle contractions which means it can approach & attack very quickly. No, I’m not afraid of it for any of those reasons.

The real reason for my fear is pure and simple: that EYE!

That is the blackest, biggest, most soulless eye I’ve ever seen on a fish (and yes, I see fish eyes quite often – sorta).

Imagine being attacked by the Salmon shark and the last thing you ever see are those lifeless eyes. Morbid, I know.

Seriously, I get the chills just looking at that thing!