Please help save Ziggy! My friends found her this weekend wandering the streets of downtown LA, shaking and dirty. She immediately started wagging her tail upon seeing some friendly faces and my friends couldn’t help but take her out of her squalid surroundings.

After a trip to the vet, we got some bad news. Ziggy has a tumor on her mammary gland that needs to be removed as soon as possible or else this adorable dog’s life might not last too much longer. We’re asking for people to donate any amount of money to help fund the surgery, as they are just students and can’t afford to pay for the entire surgery – which is $700. So far we’ve raised around $150, so the goal isn’t too far off to save Ziggy’s life!

Please donate using the Paypal donation link below and remember that ANY amount, whether it be a dollar or $50 can make a big difference to this amazingly sweet and wonderful pooch. Thank you to everyone who helps save Ziggy!