If this doesn’t look like the most epic pool party (or should I say pawty) in the history of pool parties then I really don’t know what is.

Lucky Puppy, a doggy day care center in Michigan, holds absolutely adorable pool parties for its K-9 clientele. The dogs play in their bone-shaped pool, running, jumping, and catching tennis balls before splashing into the water in a furry frenzy. If there’s a heaven, mine will look similar to this:

Doggy day care centers like Lucky Puppy give owners the opportunity to leave their pets with trained professionals while they travel or simply give their dogs a wonderful opportunity to socialize with other neighborhood pups. Different day care centers have different levels of care, and this one offers a 3 acre supervised playground, 7 acres of nature trails, and, of course, one super awesome dog-approved pool.

More info: myluckypuppy.comFacebook (h/t: dailymail)