CuscusHabitat: New Guinea & surrounding islands off Australia
Size: 3-13 lbs, body length: 13-26 in., tail length: 12-24 in.

No I’m not talking about the food couscous, i’m talking about a Cuscus! Or, to be precise, a Spotted Cuscus. When first discovered, scientists believed that this was a kind of monkey due to its prosimian-like movements through the tropical rain forest canopy. However, it is actually the largest possum on Earth, as well as one of the cutest creatures on Earth if I do say so myself. Males are always spotted but females are white or grey with a woolly coat (but no spots). Cuscus are still actively hunted by the people of New Guinea for its protein rich meat. So I guess technically you could be having Cuscus and Couscous for dinner!