pygmy leaf chameleonimage credit: Will & Matt Burrard-Lucas , via Flickr

pygmy leaf chameleonimage credit: Helen Nicol , via Flickr

pygmy leaf chameleonimage credit: shadowshador, via Flickr
Habitat: Tanzania’s evergreen forests

While most chameleons prefer to hang out in the trees, the Pygmy Leaf ChameleonĀ  (Brookesia minima) makes its home in the leaf litter of Tanazanian forests. Fully grown, these cuties will only reach a length of 3 inches.

Using their ability to camouflage, they are capable of compressing their body laterally and then making a stripe appear down its side, mimicking a dead leaf. They can also change their skin to yellow, green, brown, orange, and black.

Here’s a great BBC video narrated by David Attenborough (my homie):