It’s not every day that I see a photo of an insect that makes my heart skip a beat. Okay, okay, maybe every other day. But then again I’m not really a normal girl.

At first glance I thought this was some sort of pygmy rabbit baby being held in the palm of a hand. On closer inspection, I realized it was a tiny little moth curled up onto its back like a little baby bunny! Talk about too cute for words. Hence why this cute moth is so deserving of its own post.

I believe it’s some sort of Lymantria sp. in a defensive pose. Someone should let this guy know that its idea of “defensive” translates to “omg-so-freaking-cute” in human eyes.

PS. I’ve decided that this picture deserves world domination. GUYS! Let’s spread this cutie on sites like pinterest, reddit, and twitter (with proper credit to the photog and the featured creature of course!!) so that bunny moth can become internet famous!