Looking to Adopt

dolphin adoptionimage credit: allcreatures.tumblr.com

Frank & Sheila are looking to adopt but are not exactly sure what type of human they want yet.

Julius the bald eagle II

bald eagle mouth openimage credit: nationalgeographic.com, Marte Visser

“Julius was the biggest bald eagle on the farm. When he flew towards me he looked magnificent and landed gracefully but with massive force on my gloved arm. His claws locked around my wrist and he ate the prey I held in my hand. He was very heavy and when he started shrieking, I thought It must be a terrifying last sight for a prey…”

Faith, hope and love

cute bear cubs huggingimage credit: nationalgeographic.com, Nikolai Zinoviev

“Two year old sister and brother cubs are waiting alone for their mom to return from salmon fishing. “

Toucano-Graphics with a Droplet of Apple Juice

macro toucanimage credit: nationalgeographic.com, Mike Reyfman

“This Toco Toucan was so attracted by the apple, my friend shared with it, that micro photography became available. Iguazu Falls, Brazil”

Hey Buddy!

cute grasshopperimage credit: nationalgeographic.com, Tang Xiao Wen

“Found this adorable little buddy in an early morning at CBD area of singapore. It was curiously looking at me while I were pointing my lens on it.”

Tiger Shark Biting

tiger shark mouth biteimage credit: nationalgeographic.com, James Abernethy

Tiger Shark trying to play or bite my camera!”

Firefly Bioluminescence

firefly lighting upimage credit: nationalgeographic.com, Radim Schreiber

“I was very lucky to find firefly sitting on a leave that was still enough for me to take photos. Perhaps the wings were damaged and he couldn’t fly freely to attract female fireflies. I have not used flash in this photograph because it would overshadow natural glow of the firefly. Human made lights are also reason for irregular light patterns of fireflies that may be one of the causes for disappearing firefly population. “

Baby Japanese Snow Monkey keeps warm

snow monkey babyimage credit: nationalgeographic.com, Laurie Friedman

“Winter in the Japanese alps is quite cold, and the Japanese Snow Monkeys are attracted to the natural hot springs for warmth. There was a group of Snow Monkeys huddling together to keep warm, but I think the baby had the best deal of all!”

Happy Birthday!

knuts birthdayimage credit: Animal pictures of the week: 10 December 2010 – Telegraph

“The world’s most famous polar bear Knut eats his “birthday cake” on his fourth birthday in his snow-covered enclosure at the Tiergarten zoo in Berlin, on December 5, 2010 in Berlin.

Nice to Meet Ya

elephants shaking trunksimage credit: Animal pictures of the week: 10 December 2010 – Telegraph, Eric Webber/solent

Two elephants get their trunks in a tangle as they have a play fight in a river. An African elephant from Namibia met another from Botswana at the Chobe River, which runs between the two countries. Photographer Eric Webber sat in a boat just 20 feet away as the Namibian elephant swam to the middle of the river and the Botswanan elephant waded in to join him. Eric, from Texas, United States, said: “They sniffed each other briefly and then entwined trunks. Our guide explained that this was a way for elephants, especially younger elephants, to greet each other – kind of like a handshake.”

Sneezing Snub-Nosed Monkey

new sneezing snub nosed monkeyimage credit: nationalgeographic.com, Ngwe Lwin

“A new monkey species in Myanmar is so snub-nosed that rainfall is said to makes it sneeze—but that’s apparently the least of its problems, conservationists announced in October.

The only scientifically observed specimen (pictured) had been killed by local hunters the time researchers found it—and was eaten soon after.”

Get the full story: “New Snub-Nosed Monkey Discovered, Eaten.”

Free At Last

octopus releasedimage credit: guardian.co.uk, Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images

“An octopus is released by a group of Buddhists into Victoria harbour in Hong Kong on 4 December 2010. The group gather regularly to release fish left unsold from Hong Kong’s thriving local markets back into the harbour, while offering prayers of long life and freedom from future captors”

Ice Tiger

“A Siberian tiger in its enclosure is photographed through a frozen window at the zoo in Eberswalde, Germany”

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