Red-shanked Langurimage credit: dfe
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Habitat: Cambodia, China, Laos, Vietnam

Red-shanked Langur
This festively dressed monkey is called the Red-shanked Douc Langur, but is often called the “costumed ape” for its extravagant appearance. From its knees to its ankles it sports maroon-red “stockings”, and it appears to wear white forearm length gloves. Its attire is finished with black hands and feet. The golden face is framed by white fluff, which is considerably more pronounced in males. Most interestingly, the eyelids are a soft powder blue.

Like other monkeys, the Red-shanked Douc Langur is very social. It eats 50 different plant species but no animal prey and is a very messy eater, dropping much of its food onto the forest floor: old leaves, under-ripe or over-ripe fruits. These creatures eat peacefully together, not quarreling over food, and are known to share what they have with others. Often, it will share the same clump of foliage and may even break pieces off and hand them to each other. This generous behavior is rare among Old World monkeys.

Unfortunately, due to hunting and habitat destruction, the Red-shanked Douc Langur is considered endangered.