Congratulations to Forest Fisk on “Fredrika’s” win! She took home the gold in this weeks photo competition.

Here’s a little more to the story behind the fat goddess of a toad, Fredrika:

“A few years ago I came home at night to find this rather large blob in the driveway. My sister almost stepped on him. I ran and got my point and shoot camera, and made my sister hold a flashlight over my head (for several minutes) at it to get better light as I inched closer and closer to get the perfect shot. She nearly killed me because her arms grew so tired. I wanted to name him Fred, but then wondered if it was a lady toad. So, the name “Fredrika” stuck as we encountered her frequently when it rained heavily on hot summer nights.”

Congrats again!

Now my question to you all is, would you like me to hold another photo competition? Not that many people submitted photos last time (::sad face::) but now’s your chance to tell me what you really think! I just want you guys to have some way to interact with the site a bit more. I added an option on the poll for you to say that you had another idea for something fun. If you do, click that option and then either in the comments of this post or by email let me know what you had in mind.

Can’t wait to hear from you!