Chinchillas make for adorable pets that rock majorly adorable behaviors. One of those such behaviors is their desire to take dust baths. That’s right, to keep their fur clean and healthy dust baths should be given to your chinchilla roughly twice a week. The dust penetrates their coat down to the skin and absorbs oil and dirt from the fur. Chinchillas absolutely love taking their dust baths not only because they’re good for them… but because they’re fun! To read more about the specifics on chinchilla dust baths, read this article.

I’ve compiled a plethora of the absolute CUTEST chinchillas taking dust bath videos for your viewing pleasure. I figured, why stop at one chinchilla dust bath video when you can have FIVE VIDEOS! Am I right or am I right? 😉







K, I might have just become obsessed with chinchillas taking dust baths. Key word might.