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Habitat: known from south-east Asia, including Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia the Philippines 
Status: No Conservation Concerns
Here’s an example of mind-blowing mimicry: this is the caterpillar of the Hawk Moth Eupanacra elegantulus which has decided to forgo the typical larval appearance of caterpillars for that of a more sinister snake-like form. 
There are both green and brown forms of the last instar of the larva, though I think the green version is the most striking. 
As you can see in the brown specimens, the caterpillar is able to contract its head against the false eye spots to give the illusion that that is in fact its face. When just moseying about though, they typically have their real heads stretched out (as in the first two green photos) which makes them look like seahorse-type creatures, I think. 
Pretty bizarre, huh? I mean, stellar job at pretending to be something you’re not. Definitely fooled me! Oh, and here’s the adult just for an idea of what these guys metamorphose into: 
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