Any Featured Creature readers out there who think they have what it takes to become the host for a new animal show that’s in the works? Check out this casting notice I was sent!

From snow leopards in Bhutan to silverbacks in Uganda to monster fish in the depths of the ocean, our host will bring viewers around the globe into remote places to witness the most incredible wildlife nature has to offer. Seeking a male, aged 35-55, with a proven background in natural history. Whether he’s a scientist (primatologist, marine biologist, etc) or a generalist (conservationist, wildlife journalist), the host must have a passion and curiosity for all wildlife and conservation and be comfortable traveling to remote areas. For a major cable network, this Host must have the charisma and personality to headline a series. Previous on-camera experience is preferred but not required, as Host will need to speak directly to camera, interact with interview subjects (both scripted and on the fly) and also a great voice for narration.

If you’re interested, email us at, let us know why you’re perfect for the job.  And, make sure to send along a picture and a videolink.  (Videos do not have to be professional, but submissions without pictures or video WILL NOT be considered.)

US Passport and full background check required for all finalists.

Now if only there were something available for a cute, blonde, animal-obsessed lady…