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Habitat: Amazon River in South America
Status: No conservation concerns

Bristlenose catfish are funny little creatures. They seem to prefer their privacy, hiding when not feeding on algae rather than swimming in schools and when it comes to mating they like the romantic atmosphere.Breeding typically takes place in caves or hollows so the male will use his sexy suckermouth to clean out the cavity before allowing the female to come in and check out the place. While she’s inspecting the place cautiously, the male makes sure to keep close contact. Kind of like a, “Soo… you like what you see, baby girl?” He tries to sweeten the deal by expanding the dorsal and caudal fins, leading her deeper into the nest. If she says “I do” then its egg layin’ time!

The female pretty much sucks as a mom because she splits after the deed is done. The male however, could win the Father of the Year award. He cleans the eggs and the cavity with his fins and mouth while making sure to remove diseased or infertile eggs. The rest get aerated as he fans the clutch with his pectoral and pelvic fins. The poor guy doesn’t even get a chance to feed until they hatch! You gotta give him props for that.

I like these fishies, do you?