This lovely white Great Dane is Lily and she was born with a terrible genetic condition that made her eyelashes grow into her eyes. Unfortunately, vets had no other option but to amputate her eyes in an attempt to give the dog a better chance at a normal life. Luckily for her, Lily has her own guide dog – her best friend Maddison.

Now the two are looking for a new home as their owner has decided she just can’t cope with the two big dogs anymore…. which I think is pretty sad.

Via DailyMail/Fox News: Louise Campbell, the manager of Dogs Trust Shrewsbury, said Monday evening that more than 200 people have responded to the call for help and possibly a new home since the shelter — near the Welsh town of Newport — went public about the dogs’ plight a few days ago.

Miss Campbell said: ‘With her lack of sight, Lily’s other senses have heightened so although we don’t split them up often she can tell if Maddison is nearby.

‘They curl up together to go to sleep and they are very vocal with each other.

‘We haven’t analysed their different barks but if Lily wants to go forward and Maddison is in her way, the bark will have a different pitch.

She added: ‘They are really happy with life, the glass is always half full with these two.

‘They have been with us for a considerable amount of time but they are quite happy and go about their daily routine – they are very affectionate.’

She believes the dogs’ size and advancing years, as well as the fact they have to come in a pair, may have put off potential owners and she warned that anyone contemplating taking the dogs in should look at their lifestyle and think of the responsibility involved.

If you are interested in finding out more about Lily and her guide dog Maddison, contact the Dogs TrustTel: 01952 770225