pigbutt wormimage credit: coilhouse.net

pigbutt wormimage credit: deepseanews.com

pigbutt wormimage credit: deepseanews.com
Habitat: the deep sea at around 3,000 to 4,000 ft down
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Okay I know what you’re thinking – THIS IS THE COOLEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN! Right, that’s what you were thinking, right?! Well because I sure was.

The most bizarre worm I’ve ever seen award definitely goes to the Pigbutt Worm, otherwise known as a FLYING BUTTOCKS (!!!)

Discovered in 2007 by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, the worm is only about the size of a hazelnut and resembles a “disembodied pair of buttocks;” god Wikipedia is so poetic sometimes.

Nothing is really known about these things but honestly I’m satisfied by just knowing they exist.