Habitat: Australia
Status: Not Listed
This rainbow Jumping Spider looks like a little gemstone scurrying amongst emerald leaves. The species hasn’t been properly identified, but I think it looks like it could be a Lycidas sp. I’ll update the post when (and if) a proper ID has been given. This has In the meantime, I thought we could marvel at this opalescent spider that happens to be part beauty and part beast all in one. 
I wish I had these in my garden instead of arachnids that look like they were spawned from hell…
Edit: This spider has now been identified as Maratus robinsoni! It’s only about 3mm in length, making it one of the tiniest, prettiest creatures I’ve ever seen. The abdomen has iridescent hairs which actually change color depending on the way the light is hitting them. Here;s an extreme closeup to knock your socks right off:

Maratus Robinsoni, jumping spider

photo: Peter Robo