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Get ready to be surprised everyone. This is NOT a nudibranch.  

So then what could it be, right? I mean it definitely resembles a nudibranch…. although it’s behavior is MUCH more bizarre!

Find out after the jump!

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Habitat: Indo-Pacific Oceans
Status: No conservation concerns

Well, turns out this is a WORM! A marine flatworm, that is. This particular species is called Linda’s Flatworm (Pseudoceros lindae) and those colors are so freaking trippy, don’t you think?

But these flatworms better not be under the influence when duking it out to mate… their method of procreating is a little bizarre (to say the least)! Flatworms are hermaphrodites (meaning they have both male and female sex organs) and in order to determine who takes on the motherly role of having the offspring, the two flatworms will engage in PENIS FENCING! That’s right, the flatworms whip out their dongs laden with spikes and attempt to stab each other. The victor injects sperm under the loser’s skin and then they are the ones who have to deal with being preggers. Quite an odd situation. 

Check out the video if you want to see this absolutely insane behavior take place: