Bird-Poop frog,Theloderma asperumimage credit: Manticor@ 

Bird-Poop frog,Theloderma asperumimage credit: kin_onn
Bird-Poop frog,Theloderma asperumimage credit:
Bird-Poop frog,Theloderma asperumimage credit: 

Bird-Poop frog,Theloderma asperumimage credit: reefwondersdotnet
from India to Vietnam
Status: Least Concern

Some animals have been really unfortunate in the names they were given (see the Pigbutt Worm & Bald Parrot, among others). However, I think this frog definitely takes 1st prize in the worst name competition: the Bird-poop Frog (normally poop is substituted with s***, but I try and keep things family friendly here on TFC).

Yes, this is the Bird-poop Frog, otherwise known as the Pied Mossy Frog (Theloderma asperum) but let’s be serious… no one really calls it that. I mean you can see where the gross name comes from right? This frog, with its red-brown, very textured body laden with mud-white blotches would certainly confuse most predators. If the off-puttingness of its name & appearance don’t get the job done, then those deep red eyes will definitely do the trick.

You probably will have a hard time ever spotting this frog anyways though, since it only grows to be around 3 cm and blends in so well!

Even if it looks like bird poop, I really love this little froggy. What about you?

Oh, and make sure to click on the photos to get a good look at this pretty guy 😉