The Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, CA has received a rather unusual visitor in the form of a lost/stray Direwolf er, I mean, what they believe to be a HUGE Malamute/Wolf hybrid dog. The giant mystery dog is now seeking his lost owner…

From Fox 40 news:

He’s an unusual sight at the City Animal Shelter; a big dog – almost 120 pounds.

“Somebody is missing a ginormous dog,” said Gina Knepp, the Manager at the Front Street shelter.

They’re not sure of his name, or even what kind of dog he is, besides a big one.

“The jury is out,” said Knepp.  “Could he be part wolf?  Maybe.  He could be a lot of combinations of things.  We won’t know for sure unless we do a D.N.A. test, which we are not going to do here.”

What they do know about the big fella, which is also part of the mystery.

“He’s not fixed.  He’s not chipped.  He’s not wearing a collar.  He’s not wearing his digits around his neck.  So we have no one to call,” added Knepp.

The big guy is housed in the largest single pen the shelter has, and he’s eating at least four times as much as regular dogs.

He’s also very popular.  A single Facebook post reached more than 37,000 people the first day it was up, just not his owner. Yet.


Did you lose your Direwolf? If so, call the Front Street Animal Shelter at 916-808-7387

I’m also thinking someone should probably alert Arya Stark that her pet may have been found…