Oxynotus centrina, angular roughshark

photo via: akully.ru

Oxynotus centrina, angular roughshark (1)

photo: Joanna Franke

Habitat: eastern Atlantic from Norway to South Africa, including the entire Mediterranean. They may also occur off Mozambique
Status: Vulnerable

Look at this fat blob of a shark! Awww, you’re just so ferocious aren’t ya lil buddy?

The rare and little-known Angular Roughsharks (Oxynotus centrina) hang out on the muddy bottoms of continental slopes and upper slopes at depths of 50 to 660 m (165 to 2165 ft), but occur mostly below 100 m (328 ft). The species reaches a maximum length of 150 cm but most have been recorded being somewhere between 50 and 70 cm in length.

The Angular Roughsharks gets their name from the fact that their bodies are covered in rough teeth-like scales, known as ‘denticles’ and because its head and fins are rather pointy.

This shark reminds me of the bulldog of of deep sea. I want one.