kakapoimage credit: stuff.co.nz

kakapoimage credit: animal.discovery.com

kakapoimage credit: thegoodgods.com
Habitat: New Zealand

This extremely endangered animal is the Kakapo, a large, flightless nocturnal parrot. There are only around 122 living in the wild as of February 2010, and most of them even have names. Some of my favorites being Gumboots, Merv, Lionel, and Stumpy.

Surviving Kakapo are kept on two predator-free islands, Codfish and Anchor islands, where they are closely monitored.

Even though the Kakapo cannot fly, it is an excellent climber, able to reach the tops of th tallest trees. It can also “parachute” – descending by leaping and spreading its wings.

I love this endangered animal and the fact that I even have to say that it is an endangered animal really breaks my heart. Can you believe there are as few as 122 of these wonderful birds left on our planet?

To get involved with the Kakapo Recovery, please visit this site. Hopefully with our efforts, we can make a difference in saving the future of the Kakapo.

Check out this hilarious Kakapo getting very “friendly” with some visitors… The title of the clip says it all.