Habitat: anywhere from Maine to the Caribbean Sea
Status: No Conservation Concerns
I know what everyone’s been wanting to do today. Take a trip down an Oyster Toadfish’s mouth! Who needs to see Batman when you have this kind of entertainment at your fingertips. Oyster Toadfish (Opsanus tau) are also affectionately known as Ugly Toads because of their plump, frog-like face (but there’s definitely no hope of making this thing turn into a prince). 
As he slowly opens wide we can see the rows of blunt teeth start to take shape. Aren’t you getting excited now?!?! Oyster Toadfish also use their charming throats to make weird noises. If you are ever lucky enough to catch one of these critters, you’ll probably get a chance to hear its melodic super odd grunting.

 via: wetwebmedia.com
Yep, we’re goin’ down mon. I’m pretty sure the only thing that could love an Oyster Toadfish is…well, another Oyster Toadfish. But don’t think females won’t make their suitors work for their attention. Here’s where that sexy grunting comes in handy again. From April-October males will use their ‘foghorn’ sound to attract a mate. The sound-producing (sonic) muscles attached to its swimbladders are the fastest known vertebrate muscles. 

via: ourcrabpot.blogspot.com
The pictures above make this look like a ferocious beast. In reality, Ugly Toads only reach lengths of 38 cm so you really won’t have to worry about being swallowed whole anytime soon. Unless your name is Thumbelina.  No guarantees there.