photo: Teresa Zubi, Starfish
photo: Robert B.
photo: Francois Zylberman
photo: Jens Peterson, Wikipedia
Habitat: Tropical Indo-Pacific, from Eastern Africa to Micronesia
Status: No Conservation Concerns

This wonderfully frilly little creature is called the Glorious Flatworm (Pseudobiceros gloriosus). It looks like a piece of fabric made of black velvet and lined with pink satin. These grow up to 3 inches in length and feed on many different types of invertebrates and small crustaceans by engulfing their prey whole.

The coolest part about this creature is how it moves. It undulates its body so as to appear like a poisonous ribbon drifting through the sea, though it really isn’t toxic at all. The bright pink just gives an illusion of danger. I think its beautiful and oddly adorable!