I bet you think you know what an owl sounds like: “Hoot hoot, duhhhh.” But not so fast – there are other, sometimes otherworldly, noises that escape from animals we think we know so much about. Here are a few that might shock and surprise you with their interesting vocalizations:

Who needs to hoot when you can scream? That’s what the motto of the barn owl, anyways:


T-Rexes, er, I mean, alligators bellowing:

You would never guess what a rhino can sound like:

or the ferocious scream of a seemingly wimpy baby goat:

The startling noises that escape ‘cute and cuddly’ koalas:

This baby seal making noises which sound like EHBLERBBB

Do you know what a Prehensile Porcupine sounds like??

Or how about hairy armadillos *hint: WTF*:

Oh, and you know, your typical howling mouse:


and certainly last but NOT least… the absolutely terrifying Namaqua Rain Frog:

Got any other animal videos that show just how strange creatures’ calls can be? I’m always up to hear more unusual animal sounds!

*Edit: I’m dumb and forgot to add foxes! Here you go: