This is a guest post I did a while back for WM Pet Connection. Just thought I’d share it with you all here!

Bedlington Terrier

bedlington terrierMary had a little… Bedlington Terrier? This lamb-like pup is a highly active dog that needs lots of exercise to be kept happy but who wouldn’t want to play with this adorable piece of fluff? Sign me up for a game of fetch any day!



If you take one look at the Bergamasco it should be pretty obvious what the distinguishing feature of this breed is: its highly matted (or dreadlocked as I prefer to call it) coat. Instead of forming actual cords, as some other “dreadlocked” dog breeds’ coats do, this one forms felts – the circular clumps you see pictured above. The Bergamasco has 3 types of hair which form the mats easily.Cambodian Razorback Dog

cambodian razorback dogThe Cambodian Razorback resembles any other dog at first glance, but a harder stare reveals where its name comes from. The dog has a unique “razor” of hair that runs down the length of its spine. Found in Cambodia mostly, this tropical dog is also odd in that it sports long hair – something rare for a dog of warmer climates.



Virtually only found in Turkey, this breed is characterized by its “split nose” which was originally caused due to inbreeding. Turkish peoples valued the dog over its regular Pointer counterpart because they believed the split nose gave the dog superior tracking abilities.

Chinese Crested

chinese crested

This dog breed is slightly high maintenance since its exposed skin needs to be moisturized and bathed regularly to avoid dry skin and infections. Sunscreen is also required if the dog plans to spend significant time in the sun. Of course, you could always neglect these responsibilities and wind up with the second photo above. Held every year, the World’s Ugliest Dog competition usually claims a Chinese Crested as its winner. Archie here won the competition in 2007.

Fila Brasileiro

fila brasileiro
This breed evolved from a number of others including the Mastiff, Bulldog, and Bloodhound which is probably why it makes such a good guard dog. While the dog is extremely loyal to its family, it doesn’t take too well to strangers and is considered a “dangerous” dog in New Zealand.


The Pumi’s trademark is its ears, which make it appear always alert and very lively. The ears are high-set and the tip flops down. The ears are covered with longer hair than the rest of the body which gives it a goofy appearance.

Neapolitan Mastiff

neapolitan mastiff
One guess as to what role this dog typically plays. Did you guess guard dog? You’d be right! Just one look at this dog’s mug would make me run! Of course, it does look exceptionally cute with its drooping jowls; I just wouldn’t want them locked around my throat if you know what I mean. The breed is reported to have been used in the Roman Legions. They wore bladed and spiked leather harnesses tied to their backs and were trained to run under the bellies of enemy horses and disembowl them. Lovely.

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