Mutts have always gotten a bad rap. They’ve always been considered ‘less’ than their purebred counterparts. But I’m here to show you that not only are mixed breed dogs cute and loveable, they’re really, really cool! I mean, the combination of physical traits that occur from mixing breeds can be pretty interesting. Take a look at some of my favorite mutts from around the web! See if you can guess what each dog is a combo of 🙂

© Rose Harding

With those huge, satellite-like ears, and silky fur Alfie is pretty much one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen. You may be wondering what type of breed he is exactly. Well so does everyone else! His owner, Rose Harding of Portland, is often asked, “What kind of dog is that?” Until recently, she didn’t have an answer. She adopted Alfie. He was one of dozens of dogs confiscated by authorities in a neglect case in 2007.

So, to unravel the mystery that is Alfie, Rose had Alfie’s DNA profile analyzed and got the answer: He’s mostly a mix of Maltese and papillon, with a bit of Yorkshire terrier. Don’t forget part martian dog from the planet OMGMUSTCUDDLE!

Pete is a Labrador / Dalmatian mix that brought so much joy to his owners’ lives. Pete’s mom says: Pete was a stray pup who was born under my great-aunt’s front porch. My sister wanted a dog for her first home and brought Pete into our family. A few years later she moved overseas and wanted someone to watch her house in the States and look after Pete. So I took the job. A few years later my fiance and I adopted Pete and moved to New York. Pete was such a handful and a joy. Unfortunately we lost Pete right before Christmas due to intestinal cancer. He was a very unique dog and definitely one of a kind.


Chino is a big, BIG boy! 

He’s a Bloodhound / Great Dane mix with a lot of personality. His mom says: Chino is a little dog in a big dog’s body! He loves to play with his toys and squeak them all day long. He goes to work with his mom everyday and he loves to be right where she is at all times. He follows her room to room to room. He loves to see who is coming and going at the workplace and he howls at all of the employees when they get to work even though he sees them everyday. It’s his welcome howl. Chino loves to cuddle with his dad, especially when it’s cold. His mom and dad say he’s a great heater. He snores when he sleeps. He has very caring and sensitive eyes. He’s a trash digger, he can’t help it, the trash smells so good! When he runs, he gallops like a horse running in a field. He’s the best dog!


This Basset Hound Shar-Pei Mix is a great example of two breeds with distinct looks that mix and keep those distinct looks. You can see both the Shar-Pei wrinkle and facial features and the Basset Hound’s body and a bit of the ears in this guy.  This looks like one of those mutts that people could actually figure out what they were.


This cutie pie is Darla the Boston Bull Terrier / Chihuahua Mix. From her mommy: she is really very smart. At just 12 weeks she was totally potty trained to go outside, she can sit, lie down, shake (with both paws) and roll over. The only thing she really can’t do, is walk on a leash!!! I guess it’s because she’s so tiny, she’s used to being carried around everywhere.”

Ahhhh a Pug / Chihuahua mix!!! Chelsie’s mom says: Chelsie is a sassy little girl! Her sire is full pug and her dam is pug/chihuahua, and Chelsie looks like a mini pug. I take her to my parents house for play dates with their pug, beagle, and greyhound… and at a mere 4 pounds she chases the big dogs around without fear! Chelsie is a great balance between silly and smart. I taught her how to sit and then began working on shake by lifting her left paw while rewarding her. We were not quite done learning to shake when my mother taught her to lay down. Now she sits, lifts her left paw and stretches it out to fall into the laying down position! She has also just learned how to go up stairs… but not down!
Mr. Puff
Shut. Up. How is this creature real?! It is just too cute for words. I guess that’s just what happens when you combine a Poodle and a Welsh Corgi…. the world explodes from cute overload. I think this one in particular went through a fluff cycle before posing for the camera. You don’t just GET to be that fluffy…. or do you?