Month: December 2012

I Like Big Beaks And I Cannot Lie: Stork-billed Kingfisher

Habitat: tropical Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia, from India and Sri Lanka to Indonesia Status: Least Concern This odd big-beaked bird is the Stork-billed Kingfisher (Pelargopsis capensis formerly Halcyon capensis). It’s a pretty large kingfisher, growing up to 14-15 inches in length. They’re fairly common in the areas they inhabit but after doing some research on these guys I came upon something pretty interesting. There are different races of kingfishers – 15 to be exact; meaning that depending on where the kingfisher lives its plumage pattern might have its own unique look. For example, P. c. gigantea of the...

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New Week Nudibranch: Hydatina amplustre – What a Face!!

Habitat:Big Island, Maui, Kahoolawi, Molokai, Oahu, Kauai and French Frigate Shoals: widely distributed in the Indo-Pacific Status: No Conservation Concerns Is this not the sweetest nudibranch you’ve ever seen? Not only does Hydatina amplustre have an extremely beautiful shell marked with broad, salmon-colored bands outlined in black but it also has the most adorable expression! Would you look at those eyes? It almost appears to have bunny-like ears as well. Talk about a cutie...

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10 of the Cutest Photos of Baby Hedgehogs!

Some quick facts on baby hedgehogs: These little cuties aren’t born with spikes, that would probably hurt the momma hedgie just a wee bit, after all. When born, their spikes are just below the skin. They don’t come through until about 2 weeks after birth. Baby hedgehogs are also born blind! They open their eyes around the same time that their spikes start to poke out. Most peculiar of all, these spiky squirts have baby teeth just like humans! They fall out after about 3 weeks. They’re definitely adorable from start to finish, though....

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Who Invited the Ugly Christmas Sweater Caterpillar?

Habitat: South Africa Status: Not Listed The caterpillar of the Pine Emperor Moth (Nudaurelia cytherea) isn’t exactly dressed for a glamorous ball but instead an ugly Christmas sweater party! It’s definitely looking festive with that big, fat, red santa-inspired body dotted with lime green, lemon, and light blue spots. I think the course gray hairs really add an extra touch of ‘ugly’ to the ugly Christmas sweater caterpillar feel, don’t...

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The Southern Leaf-tailed Gecko Has Quite the Odd “Leaf Me Alone” Strategy…

Habitat: ¬†Sydney Basin of New South Wales Status: Not Evaluated This cryptic creature is the Broad-tailed Gecko or Southern Leaf-tailed Gecko (Phyllurus platurus). It truly is a master of disguise – and deception. First of all, it will lay perfectly flat on the bark of a tree to camouflage itself when not hunting. With it’s big, leafy-looking tail, the gecko blends in perfectly. Its tail is used for extra fat storage and also as a useful defense mechanism. You see, when and if the lizard feels threatened, it has the ability to detach its tail to confuse predators. It...

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