Month: November 2012

This Is By Far The Cutest Moth I’ve Ever Seen… It Looks Like a Little Rolled Up Leaf! See For Yourself!

photo via: photo via: photo via: photo by: Shipher (士緯) Wu (吳) photo via: photo via: photo via: Habitat: China (Yunnan, Hubei, Shaanxi and Taiwan Status: No Conservation Concerns Would you take a look at that little moth face. No amount of camouflage – even if it is remarkably perfect – can cover up that cuteness. Adults of this moth species (Uropyia meticulodina) mimic dead leafs so well that they even look like they’ve withered into a rolled up curl. These guys only have a wingspan of around 45-55 mm, so their tiny frames...

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Going For the Casual/Cool Look? Here’s the Blue-jeans Frog.

photo by: Jeremy Woodhouse photo by: Berny photo by: Ken Conger photo by: Jan photo by: Rafael Alvarez Habitat: Central America; from eastern central Nicaragua through Costa Rica and northwestern Panama Status: Least Concern This frog is looking seriously hip in its blue ‘skinny jeans.’ It’s known as a Blue-jeans Frog but that’s really just a nickname given for this particular color morph of the Strawberry Poison-dart Frog (Oophaga pumilio or Dendrobates pumilio). The Strawberry Poison-dart Frog is known for its many color variations; there are between 15-30 documented color morphs of this species alone! And all are just as...

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Prepare To Be Amazed By the Oddly Adorable Tonguefish! *Sluurrrp!*

photo: Art via: via: photo: NIWA via: Habitat: found in the tropics, especially in Asia Status: Not Listed These funny-looking critters are all part of the family of fish known as Tonguefish (Cynoglossidae)… can you see why? These guys look like they were literally plucked from some poor large fish’s mouth. In reality, they are simply a type of flatfish, or sole. You can tell you’re looking at a tonguefish from the long, hooked snout overhanging the mouth and the absence of pectoral fins on the fish. Their tiny eyes are both located on the left...

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Yes, There Really Exists a Spider Named After a Velociraptor… And For Good Reason.

photo: California Academy of Sciencesphoto: California Academy of Sciences Habitat: Oregon and California Status: Data Deficient Meet Trogloraptor. No, it’s not the name of an extinct species of dino featured in Jurassic Park, nor is it an alien from the planet Trogolodor. But, this cave-dwelling creature certainly is something that appears quite otherworldly. Scientists only just recently discovered this strange spider living in old-growth forests of Oregon and California, living in loose strands of web hanging from cave ceilings and under forest debris. At just around 1.5 inches wide with its legs stretched out, the Trogloraptor is unique because...

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