Month: August 2012

Baby Squirrel Monkey Cuteness OVERLOAD!

 © Wildlife Learning Center    © Wildlife Learning Center  © Wildlife Learning Center Tammy from the Wildlife Learning Centersent me these drop-dead cute photos of baby Kingston the Squirrel Monkey!! Would you just look at those big black eyes?!? Tammy says: “He was born on August 17 at another facility, sadly his mother rejected him. Best guess she was a first time mom and didn’t know what to do. We were very lucky and got him hours after he was born. Due to being such a tiny one though, he needs constant care and feeding. The first week we had Hume he was eating every 2 hours!!! So everyone who is willing at WLC is sharing the responsibility of his care so one person doesn’t get too worn out, I had him last weekend. While it was exhausting it was def worth every second I got to spend with him:) I am madly in love!!!!” If you are near Sylmar, CA you should definitely make a trip to the Wildlife Learning Center. It’s a cute little place with an amazing array of rescued animals. Kind of like my heaven on...

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Mystery Solved & Most Beautiful Anole Revealed

© Tim White  © Tim White  © Tim White © Charlotte Best  Habitat: Native to Jamaica, Introduced to Bermuda Status: Least Concern Back in 2009, I went with my family on vacation to Bermuda. Whilst there I spotted one of the most beautiful lizards I had ever seen. I remember it like it was yesterday. I had been walking back up from the beach and there in front of me was this gorgeous ombre-style lizard. Its colors faded from a jade green to a sky blue to a deep purple and then trailed off into a light dusty brown. Here’s the one snap that I got before it took off:  I had forgotten about this little guy until now, when I was doing some research on anole species found in Bermuda. I had never known what kind of anole I had spotted that day – but I do now! It’s a Jamaican Anole (Anolis grahami) which was historically endemic to – you guessed it – Jamaica, but was introduced to Bermuda. I remember when I started to get close to it in order to try and get a better photo it started doing “push ups” in front of me and flashing its bright yellow/orange dewlap. Now I’ve learned that this was territorial behavior, basically saying, “back it UP, bro.” It ran away after that, but I guess they will...

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Part of Your Balanced Breakfast: Egg Shell Shrimp

© Mark Thomas © Kevin Lee   © Karen Honeycutt   © Mark Thomas Habitat: Indo-Pacific Ocean: East Africa to Malaysia Status: No Conservation Concerns Don’t be fooled – these aren’t the leftovers of some mermaid’s egg white omelet. It’s just an Egg Shell Shrimp (Hamopontonia corallicola) that is perfectly camouflaged as, well, an egg shell. Its coloring also comes in handy because of its constant surroundings. It’s normally found on the mushroom coral Heliofungia sp though you’d be hard-pressed to actually spot it in person since the blending in power is quite strong with this...

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Who Knew a Sea Robin Could be So Freaking Strange-looking?

via: via: via: NOAA Explorer  © kancil2180 via: Habitat: Eastern Pacific; Costa Rica to northern Peru; vagrant in the Galapagos. Status: Not Listed This almost scorpion-looking fish is called the Bearded Armored Sea Robin (Peristedion barbiger). It’s found in depths of 50-295 m and reaches lengths of 15.5 cm in length. Not a very big creature by any means but that doesn’t make it any less intimidating.  They ‘walk’ along the sea floor with their makeshift legs, otherwise known as specialized pectoral fins, and dig in the sand to find prey with their shovel-like nose. They’re not insanely interesting fish… just insanely...

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Permanently Dirty Thoughts? Bizarre New Fish Discovered with Reproductive Organs on its HEAD!

 © L.X. Tran As the saying goes, men can only think with their other heads. But what about fish where their reproductive organs and anus are located on their CHIN? Might be hard to get your mind out of the gutter then…  Via Dailymail: “Phallostethus cuulong is just 2 centimeters long, and is part of little known group of fish where the males have their reproductive organs on their chin. The newsly discovered specimen is only the 22nd known priapiumfish, which are named after the ancient Greek fertility deity, Priapus.  They all belong to a family called Phallostethidae and live in south-east Asia. Researchers say they are baffled as to why the fish has its sexual organs on its head. ‘We don’t know why priapiumfish evolved their peculiar arrangement,’ said Lynne Parenti of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. ‘It’s not just the reproductive organs that are attached to the priapiumfish’s head: so too is its bottom. ‘The fish’s anus is on its priapium, slightly forward from the genital opening.  ‘Its guts perform a U-turn to reach it. ‘There’s not much going on at the back of these fish’ The new species was first discovered in July 2009 by Koichi Shibukawa of the Nagao Natural Environment Foundation in Tokyo, Japan. He saw one swimming alone in a canal near the Mekong River in Vietnam, and managed to catch it...

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