Month: April 2012

So I Guess It’s Moth Monday!

© Jorge © Jorge © Jorge Habitat: South America Status: Not Listed This stunning Wasp Moth is Cosmosoma regia. It’s a gorgeous insect that sports an electrifying-blue body with a splash of vibrant crimson on its abdomen. Couldn’t find much info on this moth, but it’s incredible just to look...

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Fire On My Belly Means You Don’t Want Me in YOUR Belly!

© Mohammed Husain © Amber Schmidt   via:   via: Habitat: Korea, north-eastern China and adjacent parts of Russia. An introduced population exists near Beijing Status: Least Concern The Oriental Fire-bellied Toad (Bombina orientalis) isn’t actually a toad at all – it’s a frog! It just gets the monicker from the fact that its skin is quite bumpy and warty (like most toads). I’m sure you recognize these frogs if you live in the United States as they are quite commonly kept as pets. In the wild, the frog survives by alerting predators to its toxic self. To do this, the Fire-bellied Toad will roll over onto its back, exposing its bright red belly which effectively says, “STAY THE HELL AWAY IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU!” The frog secretes a milky-white toxin mostly on its hind legs and sometimes belly when disturbed or frightened. If a predator were to eat the frog then they would be the ones with a fire in their belly (and not in a good way!). So, if you do have this as a pet you should refrain from handling them as much as possible and definitely be sure to wash your hands afterwards if you do come in contact with them. These hardy frogs can live for over a dozen years in captivity if their enclosure is properly built. They...

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Hold My Paw! It’s the Best Way to Drive Around, Don’t Ya Know?

Shiro insists on holding her master’s hand while riding around in the car. How annoyingly adorable! The description reads: “My dog started doing this when she was 9 months old randomly. The video is of a 10 minute commute I do most days highlighting some parts of the trip. Her name is Shiro and she’s a purebred Siberian Husky in this video she is 10 months old....

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It’s Almost Summer Time and the Birds are Lookin’ Fine

© Ricardo Mangual via: © Ricardo Mangual   © IrawanSubingar Habitat: Indonesia and Papua New Guinea Status: Least Concern   This gorgeous bird is the Yellowish-streaked Lory (Chalcopsitta sintillata) and I think it’s the perfect summer bird. Those colors remind me of fabulous days at the beach with music pumping in my ears. Not exactly sure why that scenario comes to mind but hey… I’ll take it! You can find these birds chillen in subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and subtropical or tropical mangrove...

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Punk Rock Tiger Hair and Wings to Spare

© Kevin Ripka via: © Melissa McMasters  Habitat: From southern Canada, and south to Texas and Florida in North America Status: No Conservation Concerns The Milkweed Tussock Moth caterpillar (Euchaetes egle) is probably one of the fuzziest caterpillars I’ve ever seen! I really like how it’s rockin’ the punk hairstyle – so hip bro.  © Decia Bodden The adults are a shadow of their former selves, with the only evidence that hints at its tiger-esque beginnings is the yellow/orange abdomen.  The coolest part about these caterpillars is how they swarm together when feeding on their favorite treat – the milkweed plant (how could you have ever have guessed that?!?!); though sometimes they are found on dogbane as well. Like most species in this family, it has chemical defenses it acquires from its host plants, in this case, cardiac glycosides. These are retained into the adult stage and deter bats, and presumably other predators, from feeding on...

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Major Morphs: Black Pastel Kingspin

 © Sloan Reptiles © Sloan Reptiles © Sloan Reptiles © Sloan Reptiles Habitat: Domesticated Status: No Conservation Concerns Here’s the second installment of our ‘Major Morphs – Designer Ball Pythons’ collection! This is the Black Pastel Kingspin morph which seems to me like it’s verging on giraffe-pattern status. Very interesting indeed!  Oh and just to remind you, this is what a ball python typically looks like :  via:...

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