Month: December 2011

The Bizarre Butternut Woolyworm

© Julie  © Rick Thompson  © Daniel W Reed  © kestrel360Habitat: from Tennessee northward to the Canadian borderStatus: Not listed At first glace, you might think that these fuzzy white things are pieces of fluff that fell off of a cotton plant. Then, you might say, hmm… that can’t be right… wait a sec, that looks like a caterpillar! You’d be getting on the right track, but still, not exactly. These are actually Butternut Woolyworms (Eriocampa juglandis) which are the larvae of a species of sawfly. Unfortunately, they don’t stay so sweet and cuddly looking. They will eventually crawl down into the soil and form a pupa where they will silently wait until they transform into their adult fly versions. The white strings are waxy filaments that deter predators from making a quick meal out of the larvae.  I think they do look friendly as babies, though. 🙂...

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Crimson Mohawks Are So In Right Now

© Veldman Photography © Jez Elliot © NICK GARBUTT / BARCROFT MEDIA Female   © Christopher Cooke Habitat: lowland rainforests in south Burma, south Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo. Status: Near Threatened  With the new year fast approaching, I’m sure you’re busy coming up with some grand New Years resolutions. But why put so much pressure on yourself to make those big changes? Why don’t you start off with something small… like a different hair style! Maybe you can be inspired by the Crested Wood Partridge (Rollulus rouloul) with its fiery red mohawk. That’ll certainly make a statement. Imagine coming back to work after the holiday break with that. Can you say instant promotion or what?! Just kidding. Disregard everything I just said. You WILL get fired if you listen to me. ...

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Finding Nemo’s Doppelgänger

image source: © Ron DeCloux © Ron DeCloux Habitat: Australia Status: Not Evauluated  So remember that week when everyone changed their Facebook profile pictures to their doppelgängers? You know, the person they’re supposed to look like? Well, I definitely found Nemo’s.  This is the White-barred Boxfish (Anoplocapros lenticularis) and he might have done the stunt scenes in Finding Nemo. Because, after all, Nemo is a movie star and doesn’t need to be bothered risking his life with dangerous fishing nets.  Hopefully this White-barred Boxfish made it into the Actor’s Gilld at least!...

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The 12 Plankton of Christmas

This post is taken from Environmental Graffiti. I just loved it so much that I thought it should be reposted! Enjoy & Happy Holidays!   “Dr. Richard Kirby, a Royal Society Research Fellow at Plymouth University was going through his images of plankton with a festive eye in mind and discovered there were quite a few that fit with the season. In fact he ultimately came up with the “12 Plankton of Christmas.” All images are copyright to Dr. Richard Kirby 1. Angels. Sea Angels, Clione limacina   Sea angels are sea slugs – the “wings” are modifications of their foot that they use to locomote and catch prey. Their prey are sea butterflies (another species of pteropod) and the angels have co-evolved to the point that even their metabolism is closely matched to that of their prey. 2. A Candle: The larva of the starfish, Luidia ciliaris An unusual plankton here, the starfish larva body is the transparent part, while the orange is the juvenile starfish or Luidia sarsi. It detaches from the body and sinks to the floor while the leftover body keeps swimming with plankton until it dies. Dr. Kirby continues: “Their (Planktons) importance on a global scale is obvious when you realize that 50 per cent of the world’s photosynthesis takes place in the surface of the sea, drawing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into...

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Rudolph the Red-nosed Lantern Bug…

©  [email protected], All Rights Reserved © lcgoh  © Kurt (OrionMystery)  Habitat: Malaysia Status: Not Evaluated Merry Christmas Eve everyone! In the spirit of the holidays, I present to you the Lantern Bug/Lantern Fly (Laternaria ruhli). This particular species looks rather familiar, doesn’t it…?  A little bit like a certain famous reindeer, perhaps…?  It looks just like Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, don’t you think! Yes. For sure. I’m thinking the ‘nose’ might actually be a decoy for predators to go after, instead of the body. Happy holidays everyone...

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