Month: September 2011

8 Outrageously Weird Insects

Spiny Orb Weaver (Gasteracantha arcuata) image crediy: Kurt ( Leafhopper – family Cicadellidae image crediy: Kurt ( Shield Bug (Pygoplatys sp) image credit: Kurt ( Look at that face! It’s like it’s going LOL! Ant-mimic Jumping Spider (Myrmarachne plataleoides) image credit: Kurt ( Arcas ducalis image credit: Almir Cândido de Almeida Spiny Giraffe Weevil(Cycnotrachelus sp) image crediy: Kurt ( Calloplophora graafi    image crediy: yakovlev.alexey Assassin Bug Nymph (Acanthaspis petax) image crediy: Kurt ( those are dead ant carcasses on its back! DINNNERRR TIIIMEEE! Don’t forget to share this post with the rest of the world if you liked it!!! Add it to Stumbleupon, tweet, or Facebook! And enter the caption contest...

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Octopi Giveaway!

First things first: here’s the photo you guys will be coming up with captions for! I figured you had a lot to work with 😉 image credit: DrJohnBullas Post your caption in the comments section before Monday, Sept 3, and of course you can include something the cat says as well as any (or all) of the mice! I will choose 1 winner on Monday who will receive 5 mini crocheted octopi!!    Jessica Dean (Syppah) is a wonderful artist on Etsy and Deviantart who makes little crochet plushies. Check out her shop on Etsy to purchase other adorable critters, like this unicorn!!! New designs are typically posted to her Deviantart page before Esty, so make sure to check that out often as well to stay one step ahead of the game. Jessica also takes custom orders so if you have a special request for a crochet plushie, let her know!!  Also, be sure to like our Facebook page — because only true fans should enter the contest! 🙂 Good luck, can’t wait to read the...

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7 Photos of Bettas that Will Blow You Away

 image credit: Rae134 image credit: dan [durango99]  image credit: ***L.A. Woman*** ;D Habitat: wild ancestors of the fish are native to the rice paddies of Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia Status: No Conservation Concerns So my roommate had a hankering for a new fishy friend yesterday. We decided to go buy a Siamese Fighting Fish, or Betta fish, as most people here in the U.S. call them (Betta splendens). They have affectionately been dubbed “The Jewel of the Orient” for their beautiful, billowing fins and dazzling colors. Oddly enough, though, the ancestors of these fishies were rather dull, with only greenish/brown pigmentation. Colors came about only after years and years of selective breeding.  So why did people begin collecting them, then, if they weren’t much to look at originally? A clue can be found in it’s name – Siamese fighting fish. The people of Siam (now Thailand) originally started collecting these fish, Known as “pla kat,” which means tearing or biting fish, prior to the 19th century because the fish would spar with each other. People would wager large amounts of money on these fights, with potential losses as great as a person’s home! Seeing the popularity of these fights, the King of Siam started licensing and collecting these fighting fish and the hobby of collecting and breeding them has continued ever since… I will be adding a photo of...

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The Cheetos Nudibranch

 image credit:  image credit:  image credit:  Habitat: from southern Japan, and Hawaii, to northeastern Australia Status: No conservation concerns  This nudibranch (Phestilla melanobrachia) is making me hungrier by the second. Though they do come in two color morphs (the other is black) I’m much more fond of the orange version. Doesn’t it look like a living jumble of cheetos?? Yum Yum Yum… I just hope it’s not hot cheetos flavored. I can’t stand spicy things. Never did understand how people could endure firey, burning PAIN while “enjoying” a meal. Regular cheese puffs though… send ’em my way!! See more photos after the jumpola.    image credit: KristinAnderson image credit:...

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