Month: June 2011

New Week Nudi: Phyllodesmium poindimiei

image credit: kendiving image credit: image credit: doug.deep image credit: image credit: okinawa-zukan.comHabitat: New Caledonia, eastern Australia, Western AustraliaStatus: No conservation concerns This is the fabulousssss Phyllodesmium poindimiei!! You see those orange things in its cerata (tentacle-type things?) .. those are actually eggs! Doesn’t it look a little bit like magical...

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A Rolling Pebble Toad Gathers No Moss

image credit: image credit: image credit:  image credit: Habitat: Venezuela and possibly Guyana Status: Vulnerable Tucked away in the tropical, moist mountains of Venezuela is the Pebble Toad (Oreophrynella nigra). This little guy looks pretty normal, right? You wouldn’t really expect a tiny toad like this to have any tricks up its sleeve… or would you? Turns out, the Pebble Toad has a unique getaway that it happily employs whenever it’s feeling threatened: the toad folds its limbs under its body, tucks its head in and tenses into a ball shape. If it happens to be on an incline (which, since it’s found in montane regions, it normally is), this causes it to roll down the slope quite quickly. Its predator is fooled since it now only looks like a black pebble falling down off the mountain! Here’s the toad featured on the BBC series, Life, when it’s being chased by a tarantula. You must watch this, it’s...

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Psychedelic Grasshopper!

image credit: Mundo Poco image credit: Mundo Poco image credit: image credit: rufuloHabitat: Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, western and central Texas and into MexicoStatus: No conservation concerns This grasshopper looks like it’s one of those “paint-by-numbers” projects with all those amazing colors! In reality though, it’s called a Rainbow Grasshopper or Painted Grasshopper (Dactylotum bicolor). Below is what the nymph (baby) of the grasshopper looks like. Still just as pretty and cute! No ugly ducklings in this species. God this guy is groovy. image credit: Please, please do me a favor and press the stumbleupon ‘submit‘ button below if you liked this post!...

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Bora Bora Pics!

Here are some photos I took while on the trip. We stayed at the Sofitel, which was breathtaking! I’m by no means a professional photographer, so take each one with a grain of salt 😉 the water was the most amazing blue I’d ever seen. Ever. The view from the top of the “private island.” feeding some fish! gorgeous. our room is the one on the left! oh you know, just your average island view… The highlight of the trip: finding a Risbecia imperialis or Imperial nudibranch!! I cannot explain the feeling of joy I experienced when I saw this little guy! I picked him up using cloth gloves and then placed him gently back on his coral home 😀 we saw a rainbow outside our window (this is the view from it) the first day we got there. Good omen. fishies! the view out our window. love...

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Back With A Vengeance – and a Red-fan Parrot

image credit: image credit: JLMphoto image credit: image credit: image credit: clemys image credit: Habitat: Amazonian rainforestStatus: Least Concern I’m backkkkkkkkkkk!!! Missed you guys! I’m in the process of uploading the pictures and videos from my trip to Bora Bora (which is the most beautiful place on the planet, fyi) but I wanted to start things up again with this beautiful parrot. It’s a Red-fan Parrot (Deroptyus accipitrinus) otherwise known as a Hawk-head Parrot. Doesn’t it look like it’s wearing an elaborate Native American headdress? Those are actually elongated neck feathers that the bird can raise and create a “fan” which makes it appear much larger than it actually is (it’s around 12-15 inches in length). Only two nests have ever been examined in the wild, and each had one chick in them. Check out how gorgeous those feathers are!! : image credit: clemys Stay tuned because I’ve got some really amazing creatures coming your way...

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Wildlife Learning Center Event!

If anyone is going to be near Sylmar, California next week you should really make plans on going over to the Wildlife Learning Center on Saturday, June 25th. The cute rescue center is having a fundraiser to help support the amazing creatures that stay there while receiving special care. It starts at 4:30 and ends at 7:30. You’ll get to interact with some really cool reptiles, watch a trailer in action, and there is going to be free food and drinks. If you buy the premium tickets, you’ll get to touch a two-toed sloth (who is very, VERY cute coming from my own personal experience!), hold an Owl, pet a Fennec Fox (awww!), and feed a porcupine… + more! I highly recommend buying the premium tickets; you won’t be sorry! OH and did I mention that Tom Kenny, THE VOICE OF SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS will be there! Kids will certainly go crazy for that 😉 Perfect birthday treat! Call (818) 362-8711 to reserve your tickets! Here’s the flier to check out the rest of the info (just click on it to enlarge it): Oh and definitely ask for Tammy List, she’s amazing!...

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