Month: April 2011

Mustaches Are For the Birds: Inca Tern

image credit: Mark Eastment image credit: Ungulate Dave image credit: image credit: photopharmer image credit: Flipped Out image credit: Habitat: Chile & PeruStatus: Near Threatened The Inca Tern (Larosterna inca) is the only member of the genus Larosterna, which makes sense since there really isn’t any other bird (that I’m aware of) that resembles this magnificent bird. It’s easily distinguishable by its grey plumage, red beak lined with yellow skin, and most importantly its prominent white mustache! Immature birds don’t aren’t born with the sexy look from the get-go though. Nope, they’re actually purple-brown and then gradually develop the sweet...

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Happy Easter From the Crucifix Frog!

image credit: Stephen Zozaya image credit: AusBatPerson image credit: paulhypnos image credit: paulhypnos image credit: paulhypnosHabitat: AustraliaStatus: Not listed In the spirit of Easter I present to you the Crucifix Frog or Holy Cross Frog (Notaden bennettii) which is a species of burrowing frog. In order to survive in its arid habitat, it digs deep underground during the long periods without water and encases itself in a cocoon. When it does finally rain, the frog emerges from the dirt to get its breedin’ on. The Crucifix Frog has an odd feature that helps it with this process, as well as a few others. They exude a sticky “frog glue” onto their skin when provoked but its exact purpose is uncertain. It might be used to deter predators, or to trap insects that it would later eat off of its old, shed skin (ew)! But it has definitely been documented that males will use this glue to attach themselves to females during mating. No messing around there. Well… kind of actually, since doin’ it with glue probably isn’t all too...

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New Week Nudibranch: Ceratosoma trilobatum

image credit: Michael Henke   © All Rights Reserved: David Henshaw image credit: René Cazalens © All Rights Reserved: David Henshaw Habitat: Tropical Indo-West PacificStatus: No conservation concerns Ceratosoma trilobatum is this week’s New Week Nudibranch! It’s a simple but pretty nudi that I thought you would all enjoy. Most species of Ceratosoma have a long curved dorsal ‘horn’ which acts as a defensive lure attracting potential predators to the part of the animal which contains the nasty and definitely NOT tasty chemicals stored from their...

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The Art of the Ball-bearer Leafhopper

image credit: image credit: image credit: image credit: Habitat: South AmericaStatus: Not listed This little creature appears to be a fan of modern art, touting a tiny “sculpture” of sorts on its back! It’s the Ball-bearer Leafhopper (Bocydium globulare), a kooky bug if I do say so myself. This makes sense since it’s found in the Membracidae family which are known for their peculiar shapes. The strange arrangement of balls on its back breaks off easily so that if predators go for the Ball-bearer Leafhopper they get a mouth full of…er…balls, instead. Get your mind out of the gutter...

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