Month: December 2010

Photo Competition #2!

Googly-eyed Snail Alexis was in Sanibel, Fl looking for some pretty shells when she found this one. She picked it up only to find there was something else that had thought that shell was pretty! She said that the little animal tried to nick her with its sharp digging “claw” while she held him up for the camera! His googly eyes are SO cute! Trek, the Bearded Dragon Sarah Kendall is the proud owner of a Bearded Dragon named Tek and she decided to share his pretty face with the rest of us! Green Tree Ants On the Move Loren Swenson from Minnesota captured this cool shot of some Green Tree Ants while in Queensland, Australia. She took this photo on a bicycle trip from Cairns to Byron Bay onthe north-east coast of Australia. Being on bicycle and staying instate and national parks, she had the chance to see and photograph manyinteresting species. Luckily, she never received a bite from this notoriously painful ant. Katydid Beauty Shot Here’s Mark Yokoyama’s great shot of a Katydid with striking green eyes. He says it’s probably the species Nesonotus sp., and that the photo was taken on the hat was taken on Pic Paradis, the tallest mountain on the island of St. Martin in the French West Indies. Just a Jelly This is Katja Rockstroh’s jellyfish that is happily swimming along for...

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An Affair to Remember: The Hog Badger

image credit: image credit: Matthew Stinsonimage credit: dickysingh image credit: image credit: Jia-wei’s image credit: unidentified Habitat: Southeast Asian tropical rainforests Status: Near Threatened One ordinary day a hog met a badger and after a few extraordinary dates, the two fell in love and got married. Two years later they were the proud parents of a bouncing baby Hog Badger. Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly the story of how the Hog Badger came to be but I like to think it is. How else could such a bizarre creature have come about? The Hog Badger grows to up to 28 inches in length and has a stocky body with an elongated snout and a pig-like nose. The creature is becoming exceedingly rare in its natural habitat and overhunting is a major...

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Your Neck May be Frilled, but I Still Love You Frilled Lizard

image credit:   image credit: image credit: Qld EPA   image credit: D. Bruce Means Habitat: northern Australia and southern New Guinea Status: Least Concern I remember reading about the Frilled Lizard when I was really young. It was one of those creatures that once you took a look at in a book you really never forgot about them. And for good reason! This guy is pretty incredible. It gets its name obviously from the large frill around its neck which is connected to its jawbone by long spines of cartilage. When it gets scared (or during courtship or competition between males) it will open its mouth to expose a bright pink or yellow lining and flare its frill out in an attempt to freak the other creature out (or charm it I guess, depending on the situation). Here’s some really cool footage of the Frilled Lizard defending its territory… but then wimping out and running away as a bird gets too close. Understandable. (*spoiler alert*) It’s really crazy how they run on two legs isn’t it? You’re definitely not expecting that, let alone the humongous frill that just pops out of nowhere. Typically the Frilled Lizard just keeps its frill neatly tucked next to its face (check out the 2nd pic from the bottom) because, you know, you don’t want to come off as too flamboyant...

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TFC Photo Contest & Now on Facebook!

Couple of thingsssss!! Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll! Looks like we will still be having the photo contests since everyone voted yes 🙂 So – start sending in your animal pictures now. Remember they can be of any animal, and I’ve decided to open it up to dogs & cats. Hey, they’re animals too right? So let’s get this contest started! Get them in to me by Friday & then Voting will go until Monday when the winner will be revealed. Remember to send in the pic with your name, location, and a short description for the picture! Okay and also, as you may have already noticed, The Featured Creatureâ„¢ is now on Facebook! So Please, Please “like” us! I’ll be posting content that you won’t get to see on the site itself and I know you wouldn’t want to miss out on any of that… now would you? Click on the Facebook icon above to check us...

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New Week Nudibranch: Phidiana militaris

 Copyright holder: Brian Mayes,  © All Rights Reserved image credit: seafocus.comHabitat: Indo-West PacificStatus: Not listed This rarely spotted nudibrannch is Phidiana militaris. The colors are incredibly striking and it almost looks as if it’s on fire or something. These creatures are pretty small at only about 2 cm long. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could find more information on it… Anyone know anything about this cool...

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