Month: August 2010

Ant + Spider = Weird Ant Mimicking Spider

image credit: image credit: Noel Young, via Flickr image credit: andrewyang.comHabitat: Around the world! Wandering about on the internetz, researching odd animals as I frequently do, I happened to find out about Ant Mimicking Spiders. This got me thinking… why exactly would a spider want to imitate an ant? Spiders are so much more badass looking and they certainly scare the hell out of me. Ants on the other hand are more like background noise just scuttling about – boooring. Well, after a little digging it turns out that spiders are actually afraid of ants! Which I didn’t even know. From the discovery channel article: [ Three new studies on this unusual spider reveal how it looks, acts and hangs around ants — even forming mini colony-type gangs to foil its own predators. Most spiders are afraid of ants and this ant mimic for good reason. “Ants are very dangerous to arthropods,” project leader Ximena Nelson told Discovery News. “They are social and can mount a strong response if alerted to potential danger, and they have strong mandibles and are extremely lethal to many spiders.” ] Apparently over 100 different spider species use this ant-mimicking behavior. It’s most effective if the spider not only looks like an ant but acts like one as well. This is why the spiders are more likely to pass as ants when traveling...

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New Week Nudibranch – Orange Peel

image credit: Love to Dive, via Flickr image credit: jalbersmead, via Flickr image credit: Gary McDonald, via Flickr Habitat: from Russia to California Looking at these pictures is making my mouth water. I’ve been going on a clementine eating spree for the past five days and this triggers my mouth to crave another… and another. Orange peel nudibranchs are unique because they are the largest one of the largest nudibranch species – able to grow up to 50 centimeters long! Beautiful and yummy looking. Great...

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Real Iguanas Wear Pink

image credit: image credit: petcrunch.blogspot.comHabitat: only on the Wolf volcano on the island of Isabela, Galápagos I always love it when I see an animal that is different from the “normal” color it should be (Hence my posts on a blue earthworm, tomato frogs, and a Brown and white Panda). It always makes me go “wow, that’s so cool” and I really love it when I get to say that. I do. From the National Geographic website: “A new species of Galápagos iguana has scientists tickled pink. The pink iguana, named after its salmon-colored skin, lives only on the Wolf volcano on the island of Isabela. Charles Darwin did not visit the volcano on his travels to the Ecuadorian island chains in the 1830s, so the creature remained undiscovered until 1986, when it was spotted by park rangers. Only now has it been recognized as its own species.” image credit: “Got meself a pink one...

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Celebes Crested Macaques are Très Sexy

image credit: Stefano UnterthinerHabitat: northeast of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi (Celebes) First, would you look at that hairdo? Gotta love a monkey with a spiked ‘do. And those eyes, maybe it’s me but orange eyes are quite intriguing. Their alluring stares & poses in those Stefano Unterthiner photos are just too much. Now, those are just some of the très sexy qualities of the male Crested Macaque. Get ready for the ultimate sex symbol status with the female: image credit: designswan.comTricia, this one’s for you. DAMN!!!!! Baby got back am I right??! The females, as you can probably already assume, are famous for their ability to clearly indicate their sexual receptivity to the males with their HUGE ASSES. Beautiful to male Celebes Crested Macaques but just plain bizarre to me; and also a little bit scary. Who would ever want to get it on with that?Make sure to click on the pics to enlarge – you don’t want to miss an up-close-and-personal with these...

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Get Your Glow On

image credit: John Tyler/Galaxy image credit: image credit: Habitat: New Zealand & Australian Caves (string glowworms) Europe (common glowworm) Ok so let me explain. What I’m showing you here are two separate families, Lampyridaw and Arachnocampa, respectively. Both are types of “Glow Worms” except the Lampyridaw are beetles and the Arachnocampa are flies.So the top picture is a female Common Glow worm (Lampyridaw). Only the females are able to glow, which they do in order to attract a mate. At dusk they point their bottoms to the sky and get their glow on. Males can see the light up to 50 yards away! The next two pictures show the larval stage of a type of gnat. Only in the larval stage are the gnats able to glow. The crafty larva will spin a nest of silk on the roof of the cave and then hang down as many as 70 threads of silk (called snares) from around the nest, each up to 30 or 40 cm long and holding droplets of mucus. The larva glows to attract prey into its threads, in an effort to trick them into believing they are outdoors, for the roof of a cave covered with larva can look remarkably like a starry sky at night! Oh and get this: Hungry larva glow brighter than ones that have just eaten so you can...

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Don’t Look Directly Into Its Eyes!

image credit: Kim Miller, via Flickr image credit: Habitat: north Pacific Ocean This Salmon Shark scares the hell out of me. Not because it’s the cousin to Jaws (great white shark), or because it’s one of only a few species of fish that can regulate it’s body temperature – making it the warmest blooded shark alive. Warm blood means faster muscle contractions which means it can approach & attack very quickly. No, I’m not afraid of it for any of those reasons. The real reason for my fear is pure and simple: that EYE! That is the blackest, biggest, most soulless eye I’ve ever seen on a fish (and yes, I see fish eyes quite often – sorta). Imagine being attacked by the Salmon shark and the last thing you ever see are those lifeless eyes. Morbid, I know. Seriously, I get the chills just looking at that...

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