Snailzilla: Giant African Snail

giant african snail, Achatina achatina image credit: peterUK
giant african snail, Achatina achatinaimage credit:
giant african snail, Achatina achatinaimage credit: nevetsnosdog

giant african snail, Achatina achatinaimage credit: blackcat478

giant african snail, Achatina achatinaimage credit: C. Rayz 

giant african snail, Achatina achatinaimage credit: Mistifarang – Primero UniCo de l’Escala!
Habitat: native to West Africa
Status: no conservation concerns

Some kids want puppies for their birthdays, others want cats. A few ask for birds and then there are those that deviate completely from the norm… enter the Giant African Snail.This particular species is the Giant Ghana Snail. The shells of these creatures often reach a length of 18 cm with a diameter of 9 cm, however there have been some Giant Ghana Snails observed in the wild at 30×15 cm, making them the largest extant land snail species known.

The Giant Ghana Snail has yet to be found outside of Africa in the wild, but there is a significant threat of it becoming quite a pest problem in the U.S. In America, the creature is routinely confiscated by Quarantine Authorities at US airports because it has become quite the popular pet these days with owners priding themselves on how large the snails can grow in captivity.

The problem is these huge creatures can lay up to twelve hundred eggs per year, making its huge size and large population a major concern for our natural ecosystems.

And speaking of, here’s a video of someone’s pet Giant African Land Snail eating a leaf. It’s an albino, so if you look closely you can even see its muscles and things moving in its head while he chops away!



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  • Mars

    Grant it, I don’t think these are the same types of snails, but I could not help but this of this after reading your post –

  • springjoy

    so awesome!!!!

  • Jacob D

    Featured Creature > School work. You will be the end of me, Carly.

  • Joseph

    Those are really giant snails. I haven’t seen one personally and it’s just awesome to have one.

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  • Dreatori Alexis

    Wow! This snail is freaking huge. If golden snails are this big, I’m sure that it can eat 1 hectare of crops in just 2 days.

    Pest Exterminator

  • Hayley

    I keep an achatina fulica. Had hir(hehe, hermaphrodite) since (s)he was a hatchling, about 4 years, shells a good 5 inches long now and with bands of dark, reddish and light brown, some green and cream bands as well, and still growing. It’s relaxing to watch them go about their evenings and nom their veggies. c:

    I should also mention I’m in the UK, where it is legal to keep these snails as they couldnt survive in our climate.

  • hwmoore

    a little butter some salt

  • Michelle

    In your defense, Jacob, you’re probably learning far more from this site than you would from school work.