Praying Mantis or Alien? You Decide.

devils flower mantisimage credit:
devils flower mantisimage credit:
devils flower mantisimage credit:
devils flower mantis, nymphimage credit:
“I’m a baby! Or, nymph!”Habitat: ???

This alien-looking creature is known as a Devil’s Flower Mantis or Idolomantis diabolica. I could find little to no information on this crazy looking critter so if anyone knows anything about it (not talking about in captivity) please let me know in the comments!I did learn that it is a large species of mantis that is sought after for its rarity. I don’t really understand why anyone would want to search for this thing, it literally looks like the alien from the movie Alien and I definitely wouldn’t want to mess with that.

The 2nd picture also makes me think this thing wants to tango… real bad. Or karate chop me. Either/or, either/or.

** make sure to click the pictures to get a real up close look at those pretty faces

Edit:Here’s a video of a man taunting the mantis with his thumb! Necessary to post. Definitely necessary.

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  • Smash Attack!

    I friggin love praying mantis’!! This has got to be the coolest insect, ever!

  • tiny stone

    Devil’s Flower Mantis – I’ve never seen anything like that before… very interesting.

  • Chi
  • Anonymous

    I LOVE mantids too…. I fiond your lack of awe of the wonderful mantids distrubing……
    Actually though, um it’s an insect what can it ACTUALLY do to you? But, no don’t :mess with it” no one should “mess” with any creatures, but simply be amazed by them, and moved to be sensitive to their plight – which usually is entirely MAN – MADE.

    Thanks for posting, just not sure about your
    ATTITUDE about this WONDERFUL creature, perhaps it was in jest – I DO need more coffee this AM! :)

  • CarlyB

    yes it was all in jest. I thought the site kinda gave away the fact that I’m obsessed with ALL animals. It would make for a very boring blog if all I talked about was how cute I thought every animal is (except spiders, I really honestly do hate spiders). But if you must know the truth: I LOVE MANTIDS. With my whole heart. Scout’s honor.

  • wolfalohalani

    Hello Carly, *wonderful* site – I’m really enjoying going through the pictures and learning about all kinds of animals I never knew about!

    Wikipedia has a page for Devils Flower Mantis, here: though they classify it differently than you do here. If you do an image search on Google with that species name you’ll find lots of pictures that look like the ones here.

  • Anonymous

    I wish the people who believe God or whatever could please explain to me how a man is just magically putting these creatures here. That can’t be true. Something or someone is genetically altering these things. They’re finding all types of new creatures who of course have not just been here for a while, but all over the world new species are coming about. I do not believe some guy is just putting them here. Reality speaks! Your ignorant and you know in your honest mind that these animals are mysteriously popping up out of nowhere. Please prove it to me Jesus believers & don’t just say some mumbo jumbo thats in that man made book

  • Lance

    Great for killing other bugs in the garden.

  • Anonymous

    Quite magnificent. Another great discovery; thx for sharing it.