Why So Serious, Tibetan Sand Fox?

Why So Serious, Tibetan Sand Fox?

tibetan sand foximage credit: animalpicturesarchive.com

tibetan sand foximage credit: heymister.net

tibetan sand foximage credit: annietown.com
Habitat: Tibetan Plateau in Nepal, China, and India up to altitudes of 5300 m

The Tibetan Sand Fox is hilarious. It looks like some sort of cartoon fox that has its proportions drawn completely wrong. It’s head is quite square, or box-shaped even with small, squinty eyes that give it a curious expression.

If you watch this clip form the from the BBC program Planet Earth you will see that it even stalks its prey in a weird way. It keeps its head stiff while moving its body toward the unsuspecting victim. If that little prairie dog thing were me, I’d probably laugh before realizing I was about to be chomped on, just to kinda go out on a good note ya know?

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/00285156023840252154 forestwalk/laura k

    very cool! has that…kind of…sphinx look…

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16080881328141294847 Omar

    Tibetan sand fox is watching you!!! ;)

  • Anonymous

    Actually, a lot of predators hunt with this method. I believe it is to keep a steady watch on prey while trying to slink as indiscriminately as possible.

  • http://www.gorillashrimp.com Marissa

    I couldn’t help but smile when I saw this guy. His face makes me giggle. :p

  • Dan

    LOL, that is too much. Definitely reminds me of a cartoon, too.

  • Anonymous

    that little prairie dog thing is a pika! i’m pretty positive that the pokemon “pikachu” was named after the little fella! HAHA. poor pika!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t make any jokes with this fox… He probably won’t like it.

  • Anonymous

    why not?

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    Even the foxes have Chinese eyes. but it is quite a beautiful animal. I hope that it isn’t an endangered species.

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    jajajajaja yeah so funny, indeed this animal have all the serious expression, in fact this remind me a picture in where appear the Joker with Curious George, and the Joker have knife in George’s throat while he ask it “Why So Serious George?”

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    Damn! this guy looks so serious, I mean it, what an attitude.

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    Beautiful fox, I’ like to go there to see such as beautiful animal all those things and trips are which make feel so good specially if I can see that fox.

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  • cool fox

    LMAO these things make me laugh so much he looks SO funny that giant square face omg i want a pet one just to cheer me up because he looks so funny i want to see one of these in real life i hadnt known they even existed until seeing it on planet earth

  • Fluffballs

    Okay, that face seriously gives me the creeps. But all animals are beautiful on the inside (except with some humans) and I would love to see it in real life! Thumbs up if you agree with me! :)

    Yours, Fluffballs

  • hdofu

    Steven Segal is… Tibetan Fox