My New Best Friend: Kingston the Baby Squirrel Monkey

Meet Kingston, the baby squirrel monkey that is so cute it’s hard for me to even type while he’s staring at me with those big black eyes. I was lucky enough to visit with the woman taking care of him, Tammy List, a volunteer at the Wildlife Learning Center which is located in Sylmar, CA.

Little Kingston is only 3 weeks old and had been abandoned by his mother. You might be wondering why a mother monkey would abandon something as cute as little Kingston here but there are actually a number of reasons why she might have done so. For example, first time mothers are sometimes quite confused when they realize they now have a baby to look after and don’t want the responsibility of taking care of it. In this case, other more experienced monkeys might scoop up the little darling and take care of it as their own. Unfortunately, this was not the case for Kingston. So that’s where Tammy and the rest of the amazing team at the Wildlife Learning Center stepped in.

Kingston needs 24/7 supervision as he’s really just like an infant human; needing naps, constant bottle feeding, and of course play time! That’s where I came in. I got to touch his teeny tiny body which was only the size of my hand (and I have small hands) and give him some milk. He was only awake for about 10 minutes before his eyes got terribly heavy and he went out like a light. We wrapped a small, soft blanket around him so he could cuddle up and have wonderful baby monkey dreams. 

If you are near the Sylmar, CA area I sincerely urge you to stop by this amazing facility. They rescue and take care of a variety of exotic animals that are sure to win over your heart. For more information visit their website here and be sure to follow them on Facebook here.

Again, thank you SO MUCH to Tammy for letting me be a part of this magical experience!

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  • Corrie

    Oh my STARS he is cute!! Is he actually sucking his thumb while sleeping?! <3!

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad someone was able to help the little feller. I am certain he will have a good home now. Those are good pics.


  • lmb

    CarlyB, thank you for your fantastic blog. Love it! I found you today via an older post about the Blue Dragon sea snail. Your posts are funny and clever, informative and brimming with your passion and compassion for all creatures big and small. I am sending all my friend’s here. Keep up the great blogging. And thanks again. Cheers! LiaB

  • Anonymous

    I agree, Imb. This site is a real treat and fresh.

    Plus it teaches me so much about wonderful animals I never knew existed, and there’s so many! Miss B presents it all so well too, with a kind writing voice and beautiful pictures. I found it when I was searching for nice pictures of neat jelly-fish. And boy-howdy, did I find them here and then some!


    I wandered into the archives here twice and didn’t come out for hours each time. It’s quite a show. The animals are unbelievable and it’s mind blowing that there are so many incredibly unique and amazing creatures I’ve never seen or even heard of.