The Most Incredible Transformation EVER! From Glass Jewel to Fuzzy Flier.

 Habitat: South America
Status: Not Evaluated
This fantastic creature is the Jewel Caterpillar of the moth species Acraga coa. I’m not entirely sure which version of this animal I like better. My selling points for the caterpillar are that it: 

1. Looks like its made entirely of crystal-clear hand blown glass
2. features a little ruby-like ‘jewel’ inside of every tubercle 
3. kind of reminds me of a gummy bear
© David Brownell

Then there’s the adult moth which is just as impressive as its juvenile self. My reasons for liking this fellow are: 

1. It looks like a muppet 
2. it’s bright ORANGE! (how fun!)
3. It has fuzzy Ugg boots on
4. It looks like it needs a cuddle 
5. those big, black eyes are staring me down… so I can’t really resist its adorableness 
 © David Brownell
Okay, so this is probably one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. *Sigh* My life is rough. But… I think I’m going to have to go with the fuzzy moth on this one. Those feetsies are just killing me!!

© jes
 What do you guys think? Caterpillar or moth for the win? 

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  • MimiTabby

    oh how incredibly cool. I wanted you to know that yours is my absolute favorite blog.

    Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

  • Lukasj10

    Oh my! :O Absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing, Carly B! :}

  • Anonymous

    It’s too hard to pick one :) if pressed I think I have to pick the caterpillar stage for its sheer otherworldliness.

  • zenx007

    How can one animal have that much CUTE?!

  • Gustave

    my question is, on the caterpillar, is that some sort of secretion or is that its actual body?

  • Anonymous

    That is truly spectacular. They are both beautiful; I can’t choose.

    Everytime I come here I am puzzled how such amazing creatures exist and yet I never knew about them until I came to this site. You would think such wonders would be the talk everywhere. I just don’t understand.

    This blog should be required reading for every school in the country. People need to know how amazing life on Earth really is if they want to preserve it. All creatures are wonderful but I never knew so many were so spectacular and unique.

    Thanks again, Miss CarlyB


  • Kayla Buckner

    Oh wow they are both amazingly beautiful And awesome! I thought it was So cool that I had to show my bf Jessie.(who btw was in the middle of playing football on xbox and actually stopped to check it out!!) Lol! And we both agreed that the caterpillar was WAY more beautiful and cool! Although that moth just looks like it would make a perfect critter shape for a pillow. Lol! 😉

  • spydah

    I don’t like bling, but the caterpillar is beautiful.
    I like warm and fuzzy.
    And orange is my second favorite color.
    So fuzzy fur for me.
    Love to see it in flight.
    It’s on my bucket list.

  • Catherine Dye


  • Catherine Dye

    butterlflies have smooth antennae. Moths have antennae that are feather like

  • Casey

    i’m speachless

  • Carlinda Maree Healey

    I can’t decide the moth is SO FREAKING ADORIBLE but the Catterpilla is BREATHTAKING

  • Chris

    So… Pokemon are real?