Mixed Breed Spotlight: Golden Retriever Husky Mix

Mixed Breed Spotlight: Golden Retriever Husky Mix

golden retriever husky mix, mixed breed (3)

photo via: dailypuppy.com

golden retriever husky mix, mixed breed (2)

photo via: dailypuppy.com

golden retriever husky mix, mixed breed (4)

photo via: dailypuppy.com

This is Phoebe. She’s a golden retriever husky mix puppy that was rescued from a life on the streets. She happens to look just like a toasted marshmallow… so I’m kind of obsessed with her.

Via DailyPuppy.com:

“Hi, my name is Phoebe. I come from a pack of husky mixes who were roaming around wild. I was hungry, crying, and exhausted. When my people found me, they picked me up and I stopped crying. I was nine weeks old and had every parasite going! Now that I have a people-house to live in, I still sometimes prefer lounging on the back deck (especially in sub-zero weather), but I also like sleeping in my people’s room and not having to eat garbage. My favorite activities include licking people’s toes, playing ball and playing with other young and highly active dogs! I am a self-admitted belly-rub addict, rolling over for every random passer-by. I also welcome ear scratches and chin rubs.”

I die.

What might Phoebe look like when she grows up? Maybe something along the lines of one of these pups that turned up when I searched for golden retriever husky mix breeds on Google.

golden retriever husky mix, mixed breed

photo via: dogsofsf.com

golden retriever husky mix, mixed breed (6)

photo via: dogsofsf.com

This is Dancer, a San Francisco native that sports your typical upright husky ears and quintessential golden retriever coat… with just a pinch of unruliness thrown in for good measure. He’s 13 years old and still goes to work with his dad everyday (who’s an architect). I doubt his owner could have constructed a better dog design even if he tried! 😉

Last but not least, this gorgeous fellow turned up on my golden retriever husky mix search. His eyes stood out like no other, so I had to include him in this post! His name is Jasper and he was recently adopted at the TAS South adopt-a-thon held at Pet Uno in Toronto, Ontario.

A dog with two different colored eyes has something called heterochromia. Eye color is determined by the amount of melanin in the iris and less melanin equals less pigment. So, for brown eyes there will be more melanin present than in, say, a blue eye. Heterochromia is an inherited disorder and some breeds are more likely to have it than others. Breeds like Australian Sheepdogs, American Foxhounds, Alaskan Malamutes, Shih Tzus, and of course Siberian Huskies will typically display with at least one blue eye.

After researching a bit on these dogs, not only are they absolutely stunning, they seem to have the best of both worlds in terms of personality as well. Definitely keep an eye out for a golden retriever husky mix at your local shelter (though, any dog would make a great companion!).

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  • Dr. Liu Min Han

    Completely smitten by Phoebe, she’s so cute!!!

  • Amanda Materi

    Oh wow this looks JUST like the dog we had when I was growing up…I always wondered what her mix was, I think I’m close to my answer. Thanks!

  • Marine Borges

    So cute!!

  • Dylan Banionis

    Just got a husky retriever mix a few weeks ago myself. She is about as rowdy a puppy as you’ll find but a total sweetheart. Sorry it came in sideways :/

    • Dylan Banionis

      haha I guess it didn’t after all!

      • Ivana Barbaric

        Beauty… Keep us posted on her growth and health!

  • Rachel Mariee

    Where can I find one? Any good breeders? I’m dying to get one of these gorgeous husky/golden puppies!

  • Ivana Barbaric

    Awwwww so cute…

  • Kirsty S.

    Hi, I recently adopted our little girl Nymeria from a rescue. They said she is part Golden and not sure what else. Do you think she might be a husky golden mix? She has this awkward howl/whining thing she does when she wants attention. Not to mention she’s a jumper. She jumped out of her little gated area and it’s pretty high. Thanks.

  • Guest

    The pictures didn’t upload previously.

  • rockmonster

    Phoebe is a cutie fluffy baby, yes she is.